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Mediocre Recording of 4th of July Fireworks Added to Photo Album That Will Never Be Revisited 

RICHMOND, Va. — A Scott’s Addition man’s mediocre recording of Dogwood Dell’s annual 4th of July fireworks show will likely never see the light of day again after being shelved into a photo album, sources confirmed.

“We can verify that Jake Rydell, a resident of Scott’s Addition, filmed the fireworks show and then put the recording into an album titled “Random Mementos,” an anonymous official at Dogwood Dell confirmed, adding that the album hasn’t been viewed since he added to it a video of his friend Steve dancing on a table at Sticky Rice in February. “We’re confident that the recording is just going to collect digital dust, unless he maybe gets really bored one rainy Sunday afternoon, or something.”

Rydell’s friend Lisa Osbourne was also at the event, and corroborated officials’ reports about the incident. “It was his idea to come out to Dogwood Dell in the first place, but he spent the entire show recording it, screaming ‘oh, shit’ in the background. I think he posted the video on his Instagram, but if he did it just got pushed down along with a few hundred other videos of the same firework display posted around the same time.”

“Not even the hashtag #LITdependenceday could help him,” she added.

At the time of reporting, Rydell had allegedly added an array of inspirational photos and “Stranger Things” memes to the album in question.

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