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Virginia Family Boycotting Disney Still Won’t Consider Virginia Beach

FAIRFAX, Va. — Citing concerns regarding the overall appeal, safety, and basically everything possible regarding Virginia Beach, a Fairfax family that’s boycotting Disney over their conflict with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis still won’t consider Virginia Beach for their summer vacation, sources confirmed Monday.

“It’s not that we’re completely against our local beaches, we just want to see what else is out there,” remarked Chris Chadwick, adding that he and his family of four were more than willing to drive an hour past Virginia Beach to go to Nags Head while boycotting Orlando.

“It’s not that we think the Hampton Roads area is a cesspool of grimey locals and clueless tourists; I mean, it is, but also, we heard Virginia Beach went, like, 45% for Terry in the last election, and that bothers us. So for the sake of having a proper family vacation at a proper family beach environment, we’re skipping out on Orlando this year to somewhere in the Outer Banks. 

“Honestly, we could be 10 minutes away from Virginia Beach with free parking available to us, and we’d probably still consider options,” Chadwick added.

Sources confirmed that the Chadwick family would also be considering scenic routes that would avoid any travel through Hampton Roads entirely.

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