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Non Confrontational Vineyard Patron Just Agrees That There’s Hints Of Pears In Chardonnay

AFTON, Va. — Nodding her head in an effort to avoid any possible discussion on the subject, Rosewood Vineyards patron Sarah Poultier has acknowledged that the Chateau de Nelson County, the vineyard’s signature chardonnay, has hints of pears in the taste, sources confirmed Saturday. 

“Oh yes, sure, I can taste the pears in this,” Poultier said in a statement during the tasting, neutrally adding that while the pear flavors were there, they weren’t overbearing.

“The pear aromas are definitely present. I’m also picking up some apricot in the finish, just like the guy doing the tour said there’d be. So there’s definitely no need to discuss this further — all of the flavors that are supposed to be there.”

At the time of reporting, Poultier had reportedly chosen a medium-priced wine with an easily pronounceable name to take home as a so

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