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Following Sharp Criticism, Hanover County Public Schools Introduces New Logo Based on ‘Traditional Hanover Values’

HANOVER, Va. — In response to swift criticism for a t-shirt design that featured a logo many say resembles a swastika, Hanover County Public Schools (HCPS) has unveiled a new logo design for it’s United Professional Learning Conference, sources confirmed Wednesday.

“We apologize deeply for any misunderstanding about our original design,” a spokesperson for HCPS said in a statement, adding that the new and improved t-shirt design is meant to represent a positive learning environment, and was personally approved by John Chad, white, 84, who has been a senior official within HCPS since 1977.

“This new design symbolizes outdoor physical activity, as well as learning valuable trades like carpentry and rope making, which are great tools for success for the next generation. The new design is still almost symmetrical, and we also removed the year 2022 from the original design, because we believe that not just one year should matter, but rather all years should matter. We trust that this new shirt will be celebrated by all of our local community.”

The statement went on to note that the school was open to feedback for the new design, provided the feedback came solely from Gov. Youngkin.

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