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Report: Your Uncle on Social Security Upset Over College Debt Forgiveness

WAYNESBORO, Va. — Describing Biden’s plan as “the pinnacle of socialism,” your uncle, who routinely benefits from Social Security, is quite displeased with Biden’s plan to forgive a portion of student debt from borrowers, your uncle confirmed Wednesday.

“These damn kids should’ve been more responsible with their money, plain and simple,” your uncle, who has been paid Social Security from payroll taxes for the last five years, stated in a Facebook rant.  Citing a NewsMax article, he added that it shouldn’t be on the rest of the population to provide financial assistance for his fellow citizens.

“Having to spend my hard-earned money to help other people is just a bunch of bologna. This younger generation is just flat out lazy and entitled — when I was their age, I was responsible and paid for college by working my ass off. We didn’t have some lazy government spoiling us for nothing.”

At the time of reporting, your uncle, who attended college for $10 a semester, purchased a house for $10,000 with a federally backed mortgage, and continues to pick up an extra change through Social Security that nearly the entire nation pays into, added that student borrowers don’t deserve help from anyone.  “I will certainly be faxing a letter to my local congressman to express to him my disapproval of this anti-American government handout.” 

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