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Youngkin to Strip Powhatan County of Its Name to Honor Queen Elizabeth

RICHMOND, Va. — Following the death of Her Majesty, Gov. Youngkin announced plans to rename Powhatan County to honor Queen Elizabeth II, sources confirmed Friday.

“As Virginians who proudly have a clear line of heritage to the United Kingdom, it’s our duty to honor the British monarchy in the most appropriate way possible,” a statement from Youngkin’s office read, adding that the branding of Powhatan County’s new name, “Queen Elizabeth County,” would begin immediately.

“Henceforward, the land of Powhatan County shall now bear the name of Queen Elizabeth in honor of the Royal Family’s legacy. This is not just our land, but their land too — England’s land, that is. We shall continue the tradition of naming conquered land after key figures in the British Empire, following other beautiful counties such as King George County and Charles City County. This is definitely about heritage, not hate.”

The statement went on to mention that Youngkin was looking forward to hosting King Charles III, and was looking forward to the new king’s guidance on how to expand the Commonwealth while maintaining a healthy relationship with his family.

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