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Richmond Folk Festival Attendee Confused by How People From Norfolk Pronounce It

RICHMOND, Va. — Whipping her head around after hearing what she was certain was a crude profanity, a Folk Festival attendee expressed bewilderment after hearing how a fellow attendee from Norfolk pronounced the event, sources confirmed Saturday.

“Wait — did that guy over there just call this festival what I think he just said?” Ashley Kemson, a festival attendee, remarked, noting that it was a bizarre pronunciation given the multiple families within ear shot.

“He definitely just said the words ‘Richmond Fuck Festival.’ Yep, he said that. He also said he thinks it’s a sweet event, and that he wished the Hampton Roads area had a ‘Fuck Festival’ like this one, that a diverse ‘Fuck Festival’ is fun for the entire family, and that he’s learned about new cultures from this ‘Fuck Festival.’ Is that just a weird Tidewater accent or something?”

Kemson went on to question whether or not she had been pronouncing Norfolk wrong her entire life, along with the central Virginia community of Bumpass.

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