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We Ranked the Sexiest Buildings in Richmond

Richmond’s buildings and romance go hand-in-hand, just like you and your lover frolicking through Maymont on a perfect fall afternoon. So, without anyone asking, we’ve decided to give the people of Richmond something they never knew they needed — a list of the sexiest specimens Richmond’s cityscape has to offer.

7. Every Single WaWa

Every WaWa gas station and mini-mart in the metro area makes the cut as a whole since they’re plentiful, always have abundant parking, and they’re always there for you — especially late at night after a few drinks.

6. Jeff’s House

Let’s be real, even though it’s a cookie-cutter rancher, Jeff’s house represents the “everyman” in all of us Richmonders. It isn’t much to look at on the outside, but deep down there’s a sensual beast begging to be released.

5. The Old Coliseum

It might be dated, but old wisdom is sexier than modern glam, and the innumerable stories this big beauty could share over a bottle of Merlot would do you in for the night. 

4. Can Can

One of the centerpieces of Carytown, Can Can’s vibrant tribute to French cuisine and rounding features proves that real buildings have curves. 

3. Main Street Station

Richmond’s Main Street Station knows a thing or two about romance, from the novelty architecture to the multiple weddings it has played host to over the years; it would be absurd to leave it off this list.

2. Staples Mill Amtrak Station 

While not the most visually stunning, the Staples Mill station is a major transportation hub for the Richmond area, and there is something inherently sexy about being able to provide despite looking like a gas station next to a railroad.

1. The Krispy Kreme on Broad Street

The landmark donut mecca that sits on the city line, inviting you to indulge in your guilty culinary pleasures with that oh so sultry “Hot Now” sign will undoubtedly get you hot…now.  

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