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Water Country USA Announces Winter Schedule To Compete With Kings Dominion

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Following King’s Dominion’s announcement to be open year round starting in 2023, Water Country USA will now be open throughout the winter season, officials confirmed Saturday.

“Starting January 2023, citizens of the commonwealth will be able to enjoy Virginia’s favorite waterpark,” Michelle Nguyen, a spokesperson for the park, said in a press release, adding that the park would provide special outdoor weather garments and warm clothing for patrons throughout the park through a sponsorship with Bass Pro Shops.

“Each purchase of a ticket will come with two hand warmers, and we’ll have other outdoor wear available for purchase upon entry. Even if the temps drop below freezing, we’ll have the water flowing and the slides ready. The way we see it, if you’re going down Aquazoid but the slide is covered in ice, that’ll make you go faster and faster — no charge for the extra adrenaline.”

Nguyen also mentioned that the park would be adopting different branding for the winter season. 

“Our ‘Surfer’s Bay’ wavepool will be named the ‘Virginia Polar Plunge,’ and the ‘Malibu Pipeline’ will be called the ‘Arctic Pipeline.’ We understand that the water might get a bit chilly, but we’ll be expanding our park’s medical response team to deal with any hypothermia-related issues.”

Not to be outdone by the two other parks, a source close to management at Busch Gardens Williamsburg has hinted to The Peedmont that the theme park is now considering opening for 14 months out of the year.

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