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Chief Smith Learns of Own Resignation Through Anonymous Tip

RICHMOND, Va. Celebrating yet another successful collaboration between the Richmond Police Department and the local population, an anonymous tip informed Chief Smith of his own resignation, the department confirmed Wednesday.

“Earlier this week, the Richmond Police Department received an anonymous tip revealing the resignation of yours truly,” Smith announced, adding that the department took immediate action to implement his resignation upon receiving the tip.

“The tip came in around 9 a.m. Monday morning, and upon investigating the source, we believed the source to be valid, and we decided to take the tip seriously. The source informed the police that he — or she — overheard someone, somewhere, saying Smith needed to resign, and after thoroughly reviewing the information for about two minutes, we took steps to begin the resignation process. This is another fine example of what can happen when the local community has a positive relationship with the police.”

Smith added that he was considering having a small gathering to celebrate his resignation at Dogwood Dell.

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