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Chesterfield Man Looking Forward To Voting for Donald Trump for Fifth Time in 2024

CHESTERFIELD, Va. — Following former President Donald Trump’s announcement to run again in 2024, Chesterfield resident Dan Wilson is looking forward to voting for him a fifth time, sources confirmed Thursday.

“Finally, the big news I’ve been waiting for,” Wilson exclaimed, adding that he was willing to do whatever it would take to fight any fraudulent voting from the left.

“I voted for Trump once back in 2020, and then voted for him three times in the last election to fight the socialist-rigged machines the Democrats used to steal the election. And before anyone tries to tell me I was wrong, I was just doing the will of our Founding Fathers to ensure that the America we know and remains a country of law and order. I plan to vote for Trump at least two maybe even three times to cancel out the cheating Democrats.”

At the time of reporting, Wilson had received support from both Sen. Amanda Chase (R-11th) and the son of Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

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