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Breweries Adding Etch A Sketches and Hot Wheels to Compete With Barcades

RICHMOND, Va. — In an effort to compete with barcades, several breweries in the Richmond area have added Etch A Sketches, Hot Wheels, and some of the other games you played with when grounded from video games, sources confirmed Wednesday.

Last month, Väsen Brewing Company added a competitive Etch a Sketch station, as well as two toy workbenches. So far the additions seem to be popular with five-year-old boys, single parents, and everyone who constantly refers to themselves as a 90s baby.

Jay Melchers, a regular at Väsen, cannot stop talking about how mildly entertaining the games are. “Earlier today, I managed to draw that weird ‘S’ diamond symbol.” Melchers exclaimed, while proudly displaying his work. “You know, the one that looks like a gang sign that everyone drew in elementary school.”

Other breweries are starting to take note. The Veil Brewing Co. recently added a 20-foot Hot Wheels course and a 1,000 piece Erector Set.

Brad Meeks, a Veil regular, says the Hot Wheels tracks allow him to feel nostalgic while sipping on IPAs during happy hour. “Back in the day my brothers and I would have our own Hot Wheels demolition derbies,” Meeks said, as he smashed two Hot Wheels cars against each other repeatedly. “Now, thanks to Veil, I can recreate those demolition derbies while drunk!”

Conversely, when Melchers first heard about the Erector Set, he was ecstatic. “Every year, growing up, I asked for an Erector Set for Christmas,” he said. “But my father never got me one because it was a choking hazard for my little brother.”

Shortly before press time, Strangeways Brewing announced that they were stepping into the game by adding a Tech-Deck Skate Park to their upcoming Scott’s Addition location.


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