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We Ranked the Best Features About This $3,000/Month 2BR/1BA House in Willow Lawn

Small light grey one level home exterior with car garage.

5. The 2009 Whirlpool refrigerator 

This stunning example of a refrigerator well past its warranty date features two doors, some shelves with visible stains from over the years, has a questionable water filter, and is white in color which might not blend in perfectly with golden brown cabinets, but it’s Willow Lawn so who is keeping score, right?

4. The driveway which may or may not have space for your car

The driveway may only hold enough space for one car, but as long as you arrive home from work before your roommate, you’ve got the prime spot. For $3,000 in monthly rent, that’s not exactly a TERRIBLE deal.

3. The one bathroom is admittedly sort of nice

There is only one bathroom, yes, but unfortunately its all your landlord could afford when he bought his fifth rental property, and it does have a functioning sink and a full bath that has an extremely sensitive shower temperature. Also, the sink has those cool looking pebbles in it so that’s obviously worth a few hundred in monthly rent by itself. 

2. The location

Willow Lawn may not be the Museum District or Shockoe Bottom, but it does have a Kroger, a Jason’s Deli, and at least one bar that’s open past midnight on a Thursday, so that obviously justifies a $3,000/month asking price.

1. The peculiar-looking tree in the backyard

This tree is really something special; it has curves, a bit of shade that probably doesn’t cover the non-existent patio, and it has enough leaves to provide some nice foliage when the season hits, and if that doesn’t justify pricing out locals for the sake of an Arlington tech employee who can conveniently work remotely, then we don’t know what does. 

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