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“People Moving From NOVA to Richmond Are Ruining Our City” Reports Guy Who Moved Here in 2018

RICHMOND, Va. — Claiming that gentrification is a serious problem throughout the city limits, current Richmond inhabitant and former Arlington resident Nicholas Chesley says there are too many people from Northern Virginia moving to Richmond, sources confirmed Friday.

“All of these expats moving from Alexandria and D.C. are ruining our fair city,” Chesley, who moved to Richmond in 2018 in search of a lower cost of living in a city that was cool but still had small town vibes, said in a statement, adding that newcomers were damaging the coolness and hip factor the city he has called home for a few years was known for. 

“It’s just gotten really bad ever since the pandemic with people working remotely and everything. Now you’ve got all of these high-salaried folks moving to a cheaper city, and they’re beginning to price locals such as myself out. It’s just not right. I mean, just wait until the New Yorkers hear about it.”

Chesley ended his statement by suggesting everyone who moved to the city after him be banished back to their original homes.

1 Comment on “People Moving From NOVA to Richmond Are Ruining Our City” Reports Guy Who Moved Here in 2018

  1. Funny stuff! Maybe next you can do a piece about all the longtime black families who’ve been forced out by gentrification from all the NOVA transplants and how Richmond is getting whiter and whiter.


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