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We Ranked the Best Parking Spots in the City That You Have 30 Seconds To Get To Before It’s Too Late

As the Richmond metro area continues to grow in popularity, the abundance of convenient on-street parking continues to decline, leaving locals with fewer and fewer options for their vehicles. In an effort to help out our fellow citizens, we ranked the top three parking spots within the city limits that you’ve got roughly 30 seconds to take before someone else does.

3. The empty space at 18th St. and Main St. 

This beauty is currently unoccupied but will inevitably be taken by someone on their way to JewFro or the Poe Museum. The only thing keeping this space from being further up on our list is the disparity of its value from the daytime hours to the nightlife rush. Maybe if you snag this space and hold onto it until after sundown, you can sell it to someone on their way to Wonderland for $20.

2. The wide open space at 2nd St. and Broad St.

This one gets points not just for its location — close proximity to Perly’s, Mama J’s, GWARbar, Soul Taco, Penny Lane Pub, The National, The Jefferson, and a bunch of apartments is a big deal — but also for its size. As it stands now, you can fit a jacked up Ford F-150 in it, but you’d better hurry before someone from the West End takes it. 

1. The shining spot at Main St. and Robinson St. 

Holy shit, this space in the Museum District is a real diamond in the rough. You’ve got a good parking spot for both the lovely neighborhood apartments, restaurants, and the VMFA; hell, even if you wanted to take a walk through the beautiful Museum District it’d be a solid find. Alas, by the time we publish this article, it’ll probably be taken, but we thought we’d at least mention it. You never know.

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