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Crozet Tourism Board Announces 2023 Town Slogan “Shit’s Lit AF, Get Here Fam”

CROZET, Va. On Thursday, the Crozet Tourism Board unveiled its new town slogan: “Shit’s lit AF, get here fam.” The new slogan is part of a township-wide campaign designed to boost tourism in the small Virginia town.

Newly elected mayor Dwight Wilkin anchored his mayoral campaign promising to grow Crozet’s under-appreciated “baller status.”

“Travel and tourism are huge economic drivers in quiet towns like Crozet,” commented town councilwoman Janice Dixon. “Yo, this town is fuckin’ tight, bro,” added the mayor, “Crozet is off the chain, ya feel me? COVID can’t crash our party.”

Billboards, radio advertisements, and a “dope-ass” Snapchat campaign will accompany the initiative. “In the past we’ve struggled to keep up with the times,” commented Mayor Wilkins, “But Crozet is torqued AF homie so there’s no better time to stop by.”

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