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UVA Declares Three Days of Mourning Following Virginia Tech Victory Against Ohio State

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Following Virginia Tech’s 84-74 win against Ohio State that has sent the women’s basketball team to the Final Four for the first time in history, University of Virginia (UVA) has announced three days of mourning throughout the campus, sources confirmed Tuesday.

“A Hokie win is always rough, no question about it, but one that sends them to the NCAA semifinals is no laughing matter,” UVA’s Head of Student Relations Jerry Leigh said in a statement, adding that classes would be optional for the remainder of the week.

“We’re encouraging all university students to take the time they need and seek any resources they deem necessary to cope with such an extravagant victory from our oldest rivals. The school will also be providing counseling sessions to stressed students that will involve recollecting stories from our 2019 Division I victory. Together, we all can and will make it through this.”

Leigh ended his statement by adding the school was also working on emergency precautions ahead of Virginia Tech’s seminal match against LSU on Friday.

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