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Pit Stop at Ladysmith I-95 Rest Area Highlight of Trump’s Trip to Arraignment in New York City

LADYSMITH, Va. — Noting that it exceeded expectations, the rest area off Interstate 95 near Ladysmith has been the highlight of former President Trump’s trip to New York City for his forthcoming arraignment, his camp reported Monday.

“The facilities were clean, and it was pretty easy to find parking for the convoy we’ve got going for this little road trip,” John Dungus, a spokesperson for Trump’s legal team said in a statement, adding that even though the pit stop lasted only a few minutes, they would’ve liked to have stayed longer. 

“We were only there for about 10 minutes, but the scenic backdrop and fresh Virginia air was honestly a nice change of pace from the Florida humidity. We could’ve done a couple laps around the vending machine area if we had more time, but we didn’t want to end up getting stuck in the rush hour traffic in Northern Virginia so we just picked up a couple of Diet Cokes and Snickers bars and hit the road.”

Dungus added that the McDonald’s the motorcade stopped at for dinner later that evening could’ve taken a lesson or two from the groundskeepers of the Ladysmith rest area.

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