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Humble City Landlord Raises Rent $20 Less Than Other Landlords as Way of Giving Back to Community

RICHMOND, Va. — Giving himself a huge pat on the back for being goodhearted, local landlord Joe Greenford announced today his plans to raise rents slightly less than his competitors throughout the city. 

Greenford, who made zero structural or facility upgrades to the 28 units he manages in Shockoe Bottom, says he recognizes the financial struggles many are facing in today’s economy, which is why he intends to help out his loyal tenants by raising the rent for a 2-bedroom apartment only $280 versus the market average $300.

“Between the rising cost of utilities, groceries, and leisure activities in general, I know it’s tough out there for everyone,” Greenford said in an interview, adding that he didn’t expect any praise for his show of generosity. 

“I’m just trying to do what’s right by making sure my loyal tenants still have a little bit of cash for a beer or two at the pub down the street, a building which I also own. I see other property companies around the city raising their rents by $300 — sometimes up to $350 — and I just can’t do that in good conscience with the economy the way that it is, which is why I’m only going up $280, effective immediately.”

As of press time, Greenford, who works for a company that has purchased houses throughout the metropolitan area that have since been converted into rentals, was seen evicting a family of two that had failed to make a single rent payment following the sudden job loss of one of the tenants.

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