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VCU Student Still Late to Online Class

RICHMOND, Va. — Explaining that he lost track of time during his typical morning routine, VCU sophomore and anthropology major Shawn Alderman was late for his Astronomy class Monday morning despite it being held online, sources confirmed Monday. [read more ... ]

Museum District Hipster Gets the Spanish Flu

RICHMOND, Va. — Amidst the spread of coronavirus throughout the state of Virginia, a hipster from the museum district has incredibly been diagnosed with the infamous Spanish flu, sources confirmed Thursday. The Strangeways Brewing bartender and [read more ... ]

Op-ed: Don’t Fucking Touch Me

That’s right, I said it, don’t you dare fucking touch me or anyone else. That’s it. It’s a pretty simple concept to understand. As the Coronavirus spreads, many pundits on TV are asking “Is this the end of the handshake?” and positioning [read more ... ]