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The Legwarmers Excited to Open for Avail

RICHMOND Va. — Explaining that the chance to play with the legendary hardcore punk band for their reunion show was a true honor, popular ‘80s cover band The Legwarmers are excited to open for Avail, band members confirmed Wednesday.

Avail was originally slated to have local hardocre group Moral Apea as their opener, but due to reasons described by their manager as being “stab wound related,” the band was forced to drop from the bill. On the bright side, Avail was able to get your mom’s favorite ‘80s cover band, The Legwarmers, whose concerts have been lauded by Style Weekly as “the best excuse to drink since your son became a spoken word poet.”

The Legwarmers, whose campy, neon-soaked concerts are always a fan favorite, are sure to match up well with Avail’s punk hits which capture the sheer animalistic rage simmering beneath the lower middle-class.

Chet Reno, vocalist and bassist for The Legwarmers, spoke about the upcoming show in a recent interview. “I think it’s going to be amazing,” he said excitedly, adding that the band was working on different covers that will cater to the older punk crowd.

“We’re thinking of matching Avail’s intensity with some of our hardcore hits, like the real punk banger ‘Come on Eileen,’ followed up with a real nasty rendition of ‘My Sharona,’ and then we’ll keep the evening going with ‘Don’t Stop Believin,’’ a real sordid story of capitalist angst.”

Lead female vocalist Roxanne “Roxy” Rio was equally thrilled for the experience. “I could not be more excited. I’m going to really match the color scheme of Avail’s set by going with slightly darker pink hair and maybe some purple neon instead of chartreuse. I also think I might do a punk cover of ‘Footloose’ as long as people are willing to get a real gnarly pit going. If there are fewer than five concussions I’ll be very disappointed, but I trust our fans.”

“And you can bet we’ll amp the crowd up for a wall of death during our heavy cover of A-ha’s ‘Take on Me,’” she added.

The Legwarmers are also excited to reach a new fanbase. Rio said, “A lot of our fans are the kind of people that have easy access to Lacoste polo shirts, so I think we’ll be reaching a new audience with our music when we open for Avail. I think a lot of the punk fans will enjoy hearing our take on the music that the people who used to bully them in high school really loved.”

Reno echoed this optimism. “It’s going to be a blast. I don’t know too much about Avail, but I looked them up and since all their fans dress up like Judd Nelson from ‘The Breakfast Club,’ I think there’s going to be more overlap than people think.”

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