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Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney Faces Backlash After Failing to Prevent Snowstorm

RICHMOND, Va. — Richmond mayor Levar Stoney is under fire today for allowing a snowstorm to hit the city and surrounding area. The storm is expected to drop significant amounts of snow in the metropolitan area and is likely to cause traffic hazards and impact local businesses.

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According to one local, Mayor Stoney “didn’t do a damn thing to keep this disaster from striking Richmond.” Brian Baker, a Church Hill resident, denounced Stoney for not heeding the warnings of the snowstorm. “He didn’t act when he should have, and now look at the city,” Baker complained in an interview. “We’re covered in this mess. He could have budgeted some kind of ‘inclement weather defense shield’ since he’s certainly not putting money toward the schools, but he didn’t, and now I can’t find any milk at Kroger for my morning bowl of Lucky Charms. Terrible leadership, if you ask me.”

Baker ended his sentiment with a comparison to the nation’s current president: “If Trump can build a wall across the southern border, then Stoney should be able to stop a snowstorm.”

Stoney and his administration could not be reached for comment, but some sources indicate that they are preparing for an extreme sledding session in Fulton Hill.

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