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Century Turning 23 Still Has Five Years Left at VCU

RICHMOND, Va. — Despite hitting the legal drinking age later this week, the young century turning 22 this year still has a good five years to go at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), sources confirmed Tuesday. 

The 21st century, which started at VCU two years ago, began her college career at Old Dominion University in 2018 as a Philosophy major before transferring after a nasty break up with high school boyfriend, Zack. 

“The 21st century is getting up there in age, no doubt, but like practically everyone else, she still has a few years left to finish her undergrad at VCU,” Andrea Shumaker, one of her classmates, explained, adding that it didn’t help that when the 21st century transferred from ODU, many of her class credits didn’t transfer.

“And then when she switched majors from Philosophy to Political Science, it just made the whole thing worse for her. I think the only class she didn’t have to retake was an Astrology elective. She’s old enough to have a drink at the Village Cafe, but she’s still a good few years away from when she’ll graduate,” she added.

The century was unable to be reached for comment, but a recent Facebook status indicated she may be seeing Zack again and is thinking of switching majors again. 

“Oh yeah, Zack?” Shumaker continued, “She and him were dating for a while, but there was some drama between the two as Zack is closer to a millenia in age and thought a 21-year-old century was a bit too young for him.”

“I’m sure her 23rd birthday is going to be absolute fire, though, given that it’s like ‘turning 23 on 23,” Shumaker added. “It’s a good thing she won’t have to worry about classes the next day.”

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