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Dave’s Matthew Band to Perform at Friday Cheers Tomorrow Night

RICHMOND, Va. — Organizers with Venture Richmond have announced that Dave’s Matthew Band will play a surprise concert tomorrow night during Friday Cheers, Richmond’s summer concert series celebrating music, community, and $14 IPAs.

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The announcement comes as the originally scheduled performers, The Budos Band, cancelled their performance last-minute citing the severely chapped lips of trumpet player Andrew Greene. Venture Richmond has instead booked Dave’s Matthew Band, a Christian folk duo who performs songs inspired by the Gospel of Matthew. Band members Dave Famish and Dave Craig said they are excited for the opportunity to perform in front of an audience very different from their usual crowds.

“We typically play the youth group and hospice circuit,” Craig, who plays acoustic guitar for the duo, said. “We’re truly blessed that Jesus has finally given us this opportunity to reach a mainstream audience. Praise him!”

Venture Richmond acknowledged that some people might feel swindled by the promotion of a group with such a similar name to famed rock group Dave Matthews Band, but the promoter claims they were left with little choice on such short notice.

“We did try to explore other options,” Mark McDaniel, a spokesperson for Venture, said in a statement, detailing some of the other possibilities considered. “However, No BS! Brass Band are already playing a wedding and nobody under the age of 45 actually likes the Pat McGee Band.”

“Carbon Leaf has dinner reservations at California Pizza Kitchen, because of course they do,” he continued. “And we were unable to reach Gwar’s manager Sleazy P. Martini on such short notice, so a softer rock duo with Presbyterian roots whose biggest headlining gig was a post-Sunday service fellowship lunch will have to do.”

McDaniel said that he stumbled across Famish and Craig busking outside of Godfrey’s yesterday, and with no alternatives, he hastily signed the duo up as the main act for tomorrow night. While McDaniel acknowledges this is probably everyone’s last choice for Friday night entertainment, he encourages Richmonders to come and make the best of it.

“Dave Famish tends to mumble unintelligibly when he sings,” McDaniel said. “We’re hoping that with enough beer and weed, everyone can just pretend it’s the actual Dave Matthews Band.”
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