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Starving VCU Student Prepares To Attend 8th Music Festival Of The Year

RICHMOND  As indicated by a recent Facebook post, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) student Sarah Rodell is looking forward to attending the upcoming Wazabash Music & Arts Festival held in Luray this month. This will mark the eighth festival that Rodell, who is nearly bankrupt from tuition costs, housing expenses, and previously attending seven other festivals since March, has attended this year. Rodell, who is a sculpting major, is very excited for Wazabash, even though she’s had to hold back on groceries for the entire month to afford the $120 ticket. “The festival is totally worth the malnutrition,” according to an anonymous source close to Rodell. “Luckily her roommate Kelly hasn’t noticed she’s been taking from her side of the pantry every now and then.” Our source continued by reassuring that Rodell wasn’t worried about being able to afford food at the festival either, noting that “her friend Steve has a hookup with a guy at one of the food tents at the gig.”


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