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Virginia County Says “Fauquier Gun Rights” and “Fauquier Second Amendment”

WARRENTON, Va. — While some Virginia towns are becoming sanctuary cities for gun rights, Fauquier County is taking things one step further by trademarking the phrases “Fauquier Gun Rights” and “Fauquier Second Amendment.”

County Commissioner Bud Mason, who is spearheading the movement, wants people to identify Fauquier with the arms movement. According to him, at the end of the day, he wants them to think of his home when they think of shooting guns. 

“When I say, ‘Fauquier Gun Rights,’ what I mean is that we are looking at that from a different perspective,” Mason said. “Not unlike looking at a pig from the inside of a pig. The same thing goes for ‘Fauquier Second Amendment.’ It’s like the Second Amendment, only deeper, and on the inside. Way up in it.”

While this is the first time most Virginians are hearing about this, residents have been discussing the phrases for a while now. Strangely, Mason says that though the idea is local, it came from someone just passing through. 

“Well, oddly enough, it was a guy from out of town that started it,” Mason admitted. “We were just having lunch at the local diner one day, discussing the idea of becoming a sanctuary city. And this fella, who I reckon was from up north, looked over at us and said, ‘Hey buddy! Fauquier gun rights! And while you’re at it, Fauquier Second Amendment!’ And we thought ‘What a great idea.’”

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