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Biden Repeatedly Answers in the Form of a Question, Claims Buzzer Is Not Working

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Claiming that his broken buzzer was causing him to trail behind incumbent President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden appeared confused at Thursday night’s debate, repeatedly providing answers to debate moderator Kristen Welker in the form of questions. 

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“What is ‘strengthen background checks and close the gun show loophole,’ Alex?” Biden answered a confused Welker when asked how he would address the issue of gun violence. Biden was also seen mashing a ballpoint pen over and over with his thumb while complaining that his buzzer did not appear to be working. 

“Hey, here’s the deal, this thing is busted,” Biden said while squinting at the camera. “I’ve definitely buzzed in a couple seconds before ol’ Donny on these last few questions. Can we get one of the young’uns backstage down here to fix it?

After being informed that there was no “buzzing” involved in the debate, the former vice president rubbed his hands together and asked if he could go ahead and make it a true Daily Double.

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