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Amherst County Gun Advocates Claim Overcompensation is a Constitutional Right

AMHERST, Va. — Claiming that overcompensation is a constitutional right, officials in Amherst County have voted to make the county a Second Amendment sanctuary. 

According to Mark Turner, president of the Second Amendment advocacy group Overcompensation Rights Are Law (ORAL), the vote was nearly unanimous amongst the largely white and male turnout. 

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“Our nation’s forefathers fought for our right to overcompensate,” Turner explained, adding that the Second Amendment of the Constitution was completely transparent in its wording. “The right to overcompensate is a man’s right, and no flaccid politician can take that away. You can’t stroke, let alone fully touch, such a sacred amendment.”

“If the government is allowed to overcompensate, then so are the people,” he continued. “So let this be a message to Northam and any other liberals who want to chastise our rights: we are fully overcompensated and loaded, so just come and take it. We believe in ORAL and we are ready.”

Turner went on to add that ORAL is standing by at full attention to obstruct any actions from the government that may lead to stricter laws against overcompensation. 

“Our members stand erect, ready to protect the freedoms that we’re entitled to. If you want our overcompensation, you’ll have to penetrate our front lines.”

When asked to comment on Amherst County overcompensation vote, Democrats in the General Assembly stated that they wouldn’t stand soft on the issue. 

“While they certainly have the right to overcompensate, we believe that right goes but so far,” David Mardson, D-37, said in a statement. “They’re going to be tough, but trust me when I say that we are harder than ORAL.”

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