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Nick Freitas Casts Vote for Youngkin on Wednesday, November 3rd

GOOCHLAND, Va. — Claiming how proud he was to participate in his civic duty of voting, House of Delegates member Nick Freitas casted his vote for Glenn Youngkin on Wednesday, November 3rd, sources confirmed Wednesday.

“I’m proud to do what every other citizen should be doing today, and that’s actively participating in our democracy,” Freitas, a Republican in the 30th District, wrote on his official Facebook page before heading to his polling station, adding that he was hoping he’d beat the usual rush of voters that go on their lunch breaks. 

“I must say, I’m rather surprised by the lower turnout of voters I’m seeing today, but I’m sure that’s due to the large number of people who voted early this year. I can’t wait to collect my ‘I Voted’ sticker and wear it as the results come in later tonight.”

At the time of reporting, Freitas was seen peering into the locked door of an empty school, while asking an aide to double check the Virginia elections website to ensure he had the correct address.

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