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Topgolf Offers $1,000 Cash Prize to Anyone Who Can Put a Ball Through Carvana Tower

RICHMOND, Va. — Saying that the surge in expected business would more than cover the prize money, Topgolf in Richmond is offering $1,000 to anyone who can put a ball through their neighbor Carvana’s tower, the company confirmed Thursday.

“We’re hoping to see an increase in business as amateur golfers flock to our range for the chance to send a golf ball over the interstate and straight through the glass of that monstrosity,” Chip James, a spokesperson for Topgolf, said in a statement, adding that in order to be eligible for the prize money, contestants would have to fully break the tower’s glass, not merely crack it.

“We don’t have anything personal against Carvana — we just know that the prospect of putting a golf ball through the windshield of a 2021 Honda CRV while downing a Bud Lite is quite exciting. We’re also offering a free lifetime rewards membership if any patron hits one of their delivery trucks, with an extra $100 for any employees you take out. 

“We haven’t had anyone come close yet,” James added. “Everyone shows up thinking they can ‘Happy Gilmore’ their way to victory, but they don’t realize how much distance they have to cover. But it’s definitely not impossible, that’s for sure.”

James went on to conclude that Topgolf would not be held liable for any damages, including any fatalities from accidentally striking motorists on I-195.

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