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“The best thing about Richmond is Scott’s Addition,” Reports NoVa Transplant

RICHMOND, Va. — Citing the abundance of things to do such as breweries, some restaurants, breweries, a few shops, and breweries, Northern Virginia transplant Chad Stevenson called Scott’s Addition the city’s best feature, sources confirmed Wednesday.

“Probably the coolest thing thing about Scott’s is that it’s a bit hip and up and coming but not, like, too much,” Stevenson, who recently moved to Richmond from Arlington after his company offered him a remote position, said in a statement, adding that the cost of living was a steal in relation to what the neighborhood offers, and that as a result, he seldom leaves the area. 

“For just $1875 a month, I can live in a chic two bedroom, one bath apartment and be within walking distance of a dozen breweries, a couple of barcades, and a bunch of restaurants with quirky sounding names. There’s all of this, like, unique flair, all in one neighborhood. When it comes to living in the city, you just can’t get much better than that.

Stevenson went on to comment that it was a shame that Richmond didn’t have other vibrant and unique neighborhoods, and that he hopes other parts of the city are soon revitalized with more breweries and fusion restaurants.

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