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New Chesterfield LEGO Facility Sparks Concerns Over Likelihood of Stepping on Random LEGO Pieces While Walking Barefoot

CHESTERFIELD, Va. — Following the ongoing construction of a $1B LEGO factory in the county, many Chesterfield citizens have expressed concerns over the increased risk of accidentally stepping on small LEGO pieces, sources confirmed Tuesday.

“It’s great to see more jobs come to Chesterfield, but it comes with a painful price,” Kelly Martison, 43, of Brandermill, said in an interview, emphasizing the potential cons of having more LEGO pieces in the county.

“The new LEGO plant will undoubtedly bolster the local economy, but we must recognize the heightened risk of stepping on small, well-camouflaged pieces from a broken Star Wars model while barefoot. Our local representatives need to act now and spread awareness of the dangers our feet face while on walks through our own living rooms.”

At the time of reporting, representatives from LEGO were rejecting calls to provide more vacuum cleaners to citizens living closest to the new facility.

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