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Joe Morrissey Hosts “Gentlemen’s Club Afterparty” Following Dedicated Campaign

RICHMOND, Va.  Following his unsuccessful campaign to be Richmond’s next mayor, reports are indicating that Joe Morrissey is holding a private “Gentlemen’s Club” event to, according to one source close to Morrissey, “go out with a bang on what was a solid effort of a campaign.”

Morrissey has made attempts to keep details of the event secret, but our source did reveal some information on the celebration. “He really did give it his best shot, and he’s been looking for an excuse to get the guys together in a classic scandalous fashion. The party will be invite only, with none of the press. I think we’re having it his place. I know he wanted to do it at Club Rouge or Candy Bar, but they were already booked.”

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, went on to divulge that “most of the attendees will be his guy friends, I’m sure. Hence why he’s calling it a ‘Gentlemen’s Get Together’ or something like that.” Morrissey has also apparently informed the invitees to bring cash to the event, although our anonymous source assured us that it wasn’t of any public concern. “The cash thing? He’s having, uh, a charity or fundraiser too. Yeah, that’s it. Totally that and not something else.”

The Peedmont will provide you with updates on the event, should you, for some odd, unexplained reason, wish to attend.

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