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State of Emergency Declared After Shrimp and Grits Shortage

RICHMOND, Va. — Earlier today, Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency across Virginia following news of a looming shrimp and grits shortage.
Heavy winds and recent droughts all culminated to limit current food resources, particularly certain seafoods and various types of grains. The southwestern part of the state is expected to experience a more severe deficiency than the rest of the state, although it’s unclear when the shortage will be over for any area of Virginia. 

“In anticipation of potential havoc, we urge residents to remain open-minded to the idea of eggs Benedict or French toast, or even eating brunch at home,” said Secretary of Sustenance Resources Philip Graves. Local restaurants are working diligently to update their brunch menus, but some are unprepared for a scarcity of this caliber and are shutting their doors until further notice.
The governor is advising residents to remain calm and vigilant. “The nourishment of Virginians remains our top priority as we seek to pull through this catastrophe.”

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