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Sub Rosa Bakery Offers Gluten-Free Loaf, Turns Out to Be Empty Bag

RICHMOND, Va. — A recent restaurant report revealed that Sub Rosa Bakery has started offering gluten-free bread in the form of an empty bag.

Since the shop opened in 2012, patrons monitoring their gluten levels have asked for options more conducive to their diets. Due to the high volume of requests, bakers began developing a recipe for gluten-free bread.

“It’s more difficult than people realize to remove the gluten from a naturally gluten-heavy food product,” head baker and general manager Nick Hurst told reporters. “Our staff has worked for years to develop a bread loaf without gluten. We finally came up with a recipe for an empty bag, which fulfilled all those strict dietary requirements that doesn’t leave a single trace of gluten.”

Hurst went on to say that the product seems to have satisfied customers pretty well.

“I gave up gluten a year ago in order to increase my energy and lose weight,” Heather Arnston, a regular customer of the bakery, said. “Since then, I haven’t been able to enjoy the same places as my friends. So it’s nice when a business is considerate enough to cater to my dietary restrictions.”

Arnston described the bread as fresh and light, ideal for a mid-afternoon snack that won’t ruin your appetite.

She informed reporters that she gave one of Sub Rosa’s gluten-free loaves to a friend with Celiac disease who also gave the bread high praise, explaining that it’s difficult to find gluten-free products that won’t upset her stomach.

The bread is sold for $6.99 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Bakers will continue to manufacture the gluten-free loaf due to its extreme popularity. Their next diet-friendly venture will be low-carb pastries for the five local residents still following the Atkins diet.

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