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Strip Club Owner Inconvenienced by Legal Obligation to Treat Women as If They’re Real People

RICHMOND, Va. — Local strip club owner, Tony Cornicello, is feeling the pressure after his female employees sued him for failing to provide even the most basic of human essentials at his clubs.

Recently, disgruntled employees have spoken out, filing a class action lawsuit against Cornicello for unfair treatment. The women have demanded bathroom breaks, water during their shifts, and permission to eat.

“I give them a place to make money, and I’m not really sure what more they could possibly want from me,” Cornicello, who owns seven strip clubs in the Richmond area including Club Blush and Paper Sun, said in a recent statement. “The lack of gratitude that these women have shown towards me is astounding.”

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Employees at all of Cornicello’s clubs went on strike after filing the lawsuit, refusing to return to work until their requirements, such as basic human decency, were met.

“There’s not even a bathroom for us to use,” Koko Krystal, an employee at Club Blush, told reporters. “Tony just said that we’re too beautiful to need one and then told us to get back to work.”

A fellow employee, Sinnamon Swirl, told reporters that they finally decided to file a lawsuit when Cornicello announced his plan to start opening for breakfast, which would require the employees to come in early despite the late hours of night shifts. “He said he was going to call it Bacon and Shakin’,” Swirl explained. “That was the final straw.”

The lawsuit is scheduled to appear in court mid-April. Sources say it could be a long-term case, as the women have explained that they will refuse to settle for anything less than their original demands.

At press time, Cornicello was seen installing pornographic posters and videos throughout his various clubs, mumbling to himself that these women don’t complain about anything.

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1 Comment on Strip Club Owner Inconvenienced by Legal Obligation to Treat Women as If They’re Real People

  1. Ok so I’m an entertainer, came from Manhattan was in VA for a few weeks wanted to pick up some case stopped by one of his clubs, the women were so DISRESPECTFUL and we’ll what seemed threatened or jealous. Refused to allow myself and two other women to sprak to management let alone inquire about auditions. They verbally trashed this guy an truth be told he’s not obligated to provide shit but a space a space they lease, customers buy food for real entertainers and dine over conversation … No bathroom breaks🤔 get real, they mentioned to say he makes sure we aren’t in bathroom doing drugs…. Shit I’d of let em strike then went to work alone all damn day, shakin collecting bacon….


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