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Dad Still Recommends Getting to RIC Airport at Least Two Hours Early

RICHMOND, Va. Commenting that a little extra time never hurt anyone, your dad still recommends you arrive at Richmond International Airport (RIC) at least two hours early, sources confirmed Tuesday. 

According to your dad, the small airport boasting only 22 gates can get insanely busy, especially during the holiday season, and thus you should allow yourself ample time to get to your gate.

“When it comes to RIC, you never know how long the lines will be at the check-in counter, especially in the mornings,” your dad explained of the dual terminal airport, adding that the check-in process was often the least of your potential worries. 

“And then you’ve got to go through security; don’t even get me started on how long that can take, especially if TSA gets backed up. Those lines can be heinous, and if you end up missing your flight because of it, you might be stranded in the airport overnight. It’s good just to get there two, maybe even three, hours early, just to be on the safe side, when flying out of Richmond.” 

Your dad further mentioned that if you do breeze through check-in and have time to spare, there’s a really nice Applebee’s between the concourses. At the time of reporting, your dad went on to suggest maybe flying out of Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport or Lynchburg Regional, as they likely wouldn’t be as busy and would justify the additional travel.

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