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Main Street China Dragon Declares Itself Richmond Chinatown

RICHMOND, Va. — Determined to plant a seed of Chinese culture in the midtown area of the city, China Dragon owner Jing Li declared her restaurant the official Richmond Chinatown, sources confirmed Wednesday.

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Overnight, residents found thousands of China Dragon food menus stuffed into mailboxes, stuck to car windows, and pushed through the holes of every broken screen door in the Fan, all citing China Dragon’s role as Richmond Chinatown and boasting free delivery for orders over $15.

Li explained her decision to a crowd of reporters and hungover VCU students outside of her Main Street establishment. “For years, we’ve been asking our family in China to visit us, but they always want to go to New York or San Francisco. The owners of Good Taste and Fu Jian say the same thing. So we made the decision to bring Chinatown to Richmond.”

Beyond vague plans to build more karaoke bars and bubble tea shops, it was unclear how Li envisioned the future of the Richmond Chinatown. However, many China Dragon regulars were quick to share their own suggestions via social media.

“I just hope this means we can finally get the better fortune cookies,” Twitter user @FixedGearGreg wrote. “You know, like the vanilla ones.”

“Just build a row of Peter Chang restaurants side by side,” restaurateur and chef Peter Chang suggested on Facebook. “Also, please come in to try our limited time bamboo fish special — now 30% off!”

Shortly after the news became public, Mayor Levar Stoney called reporters to claim credit for the decision, explaining that his administration had big plans in the works for Richmond’s new Chinatown.

“Too often Hollywood producers come to our city to film depressing, Civil War-era movies that dredge up our unsavory past,” Stoney said in a press release. “But those days are behind us. Goodbye, “Lincoln.” Hello, “Rush Hour 4.’”

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