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Martin Shkreli Denies Involvement In Byrd Theater Ticket Price Increase

NEW YORK, NY – After much speculation & accusations of deliberate price gouging, pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli has denied any involvement of a recent increase in ticket prices at Richmond’s famous Byrd Theater.

“Me? Price hike with Byrd Theater tickets? No way, Jose” Shrkreli remarked in a recent statement from his Manhattan residence. “I don’t have anything to do with that place. That’s not even my market. I don’t do non-profits and such. I only specialize in for-profit drugs and medicine when it comes to price gouging and inflation.”

Shkreli has been under fire since 2015 when he obtained the manufacturing license for the antiparasitic drug Daraprim and subsequently increased its price by 750%. Now, he’s facing criticisms from Richmond residents after rumors surfaced that he was responsible for the Byrd Theater’s recent 100% price increase in tickets.

Shkreli took to Twitter not only to defend himself but also to criticize the Theater’s price hike in general: “Seriously though, I think they could have raised the prices higher to keep up with the competition and prestige of the theater. Only a 100% markup? That’s amateur – the people would totally pay more than that. They could’ve gone at least 500, maybe 550% higher.”

The Byrd Theater Foundation announced that the price increase is to help fund seating improvements and an upgrade in the theater’s overall facilities, but much of the city remains unconvinced that Shkreli doesn’t have a hand in it.

Dan Coleman, a Glen Allen resident, is confident that Shkreli is responsible for the increase. “Oh, you know he’s totally in on the funding, but really, he’s just trying to make a buck off the rest of us,” he stated in a recent Peedmont interview. “He probably has a patent on the place, too. Before you know it, it’ll be called “The Byrd-Shrkeli Theater.”

Another Richmond resident, Lauren Marley, has even claimed to have seen Shkreli reselling tickets to a sold out show at higher price: “Definitely saw him at the theater. Dude was outside on Cary St scalping tickets to the new Star Wars last year, the big pharma scum. He was selling them for $8 a pop, which is mighty steep, especially for that movie.”

The theater is projecting study business as usual with the new ticket prices.

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