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Teenage Son Waits In The Car During Family Trip To Monticello

MONTICELLO, Va. – What began as an enjoyable family outing this past weekend turned out to be a moderate disappointment when teenager Brent Sullivan refused to venture into the historic plantation Monticello with his family, opting to wait in the family’s SUV instead. In a recent Facebook post, Brent remarked that he’s “already had to learn about Thomas Jefferson like 11 times since the first grade,” and stated he was dragged on the outing with his much more enthusiastic family. He also longed for the other things he could be could doing on this Sunday afternoon, and went on to complain about Monticello probably not even having wi-fi. Sources close to the family have confirmed that the rest of his family (his father George, his mother Susan, and his younger sister Catherine) have maintained their plans without Brent, “eager to see the gardens the dining room, in particular.” At the time of reporting, Brent is believed to still be waiting in the family’s SUV, as his mother Susan is having trouble deciding on which souvenirs to take home from the gift shop.

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