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Area Man Patiently Waiting for Business Meeting at Wrong Lamplighter

RICHMOND, Va. — In an extraordinary display of patience, Steve Piers, a freelance photographer and Hopewell resident, waited for a potential client at the Addison Street Lamplighter for over 45 minutes, mistaking the coffee shop’s location for its sister location on Morris Street.

According to sources, the mix-up began with a series of emails instigated by model Jerod Anthony, who emailed Piers a few weeks ago inquiring about headshots. The two agreed to meet at Lamplighter, though both parties failed to specify which one of their three locations. Piers reportedly showed up to the Addison Street location on time.

“I’ve never been to Lamplighter before, but this is where Google Maps told me to go,” Piers explained during his wait, then looked around uncomfortably. “The parking was terrible,” he added.

Piers sat at the end of a long picnic table, sharing with two VCU students drinking cold brew with almond milk. “I want to be outside so I can see Jerod when he comes. But I’m starting to get chilly,” he said, sounding annoyed.

Piers then went inside briefly to warm up but later came back out.

Upon returning to his picnic table, Piers looked at his watch and scanned the area for his potential client. He then sat back down and petted a pit bull sitting nearby. Per one eyewitness, he made strained small talk with the dog’s owner about how pit bulls are so misunderstood.

Piers eventually sent an email to Anthony, writing, “Good afternoon, I just wanted to follow up about our meeting at Lamplighter. I’m here but have another meeting in an hour. Regards, Steve.”

Minutes later, Steve received an email back from Anthony. He read it and looked up, exasperated. “There’s another Lamplighter. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Sources have yet to indicate whether or not they’ve postponed their meeting.

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