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VCU Chili’s Promises Baby Back Ribs Will Have “20% More Baby” During Restaurant Week

RICHMOND, Va. — In preparation for the increased attention and business during Richmond Restaurant Week, the VCU Chili’s Grill & Bar has announced that it will soon be serving its famous baby back ribs with at least 20% more baby.

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Craig Swinson, the new general manager of VCU Chili’s, said he hopes this new promotion will attract curious foodies with a taste for adventure.

“Of course, students living in VCU’s Cary & Belvidere residence hall whose parents pay all their bills remain our most reliable source of business,” Swinson told reporters. “They’re really the ones keeping the lights on around here. But we’re hoping this will help bring in some people who don’t feel like driving all the way to Buffalo Wild Wings.”

“We’re excited to dish out an extra amount of all-natural baby for the foodies of Richmond,” he continued. “The baby we’ve started incorporating into our traditional baby back ribs recipe is farm raised and non-GMO. This isn’t cheap storebrand-quality infant we’re talking about here — this is the good stuff.”

According to Swinson, the extra baby will be added in before the ribs are slow smoked and then either finished with a tangy sauce or dusted with a spicy Texas dry-rub. The special will be served with Chili’s signature sweet corn on a stick and garlic mashed potatoes for $12.99.

Swinson also sees Restaurant Week as an opportunity to rebrand his store’s image of lackluster service and warmed-over chips and salsa as something truly spectacular. When asked further about the restaurant’s new signature dish, Swinson directed questions to the executive chef and part-time professional skateboarder Max Reynolds.

“Richmond is a food paradise,” Reynolds said while attempting to do a kick flip in the Chili’s kitchen. “There are so many options of great places to eat here, so we figured we had to really bring our A-game if we wanted to trick people into having an overpriced, mediocre experience with us.”

Swinson said the restaurant is most excited about the responses from its regular customers. “I think they’re going to love it and come back for seconds.”

“I just hope to God no one accidentally wanders into our freezer,” he added.

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