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Hardywood Singel Lands Coveted Spot on West End Applebee’s Draft List

RICHMOND, Va. — Desperate to ingratiate itself with the Richmond beer culture, the West Broad Street Applebee’s has given Hardywood Singel a coveted position on its draft list. The local craft beer mainstay beat out several Sam Adams seasonal beers and at least one summer shandy to win the spot, where it will surely become Applebee’s go-to alcoholic beverage for working class cougars and people “just here on business.”

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The casual dining establishment has struggled in recent years to attract young, upwardly mobile diners, and has been forced to close over 100 locations since 2017. Applebee’s has experimented with healthier options, $1 margaritas, and two-for-one specials, with only minimal success. The franchise hopes that embracing the craft beer craze will help to save the struggling brand. 

“Adding Hardywood Singel to our beer arsenal will definitely give us the je ne sais quoi we need to rise above our competition,” Rick Weiss, the location’s manager, said. “Plus, it pairs so nicely with our Four Cheese Mac & Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders and Classic Combo appetizer.” 

Representatives from Hardywood were on hand yesterday as an Applebee’s official installed a Hardywood Singel tap between the taps for Blue Moon and Budweiser. After tapping the inaugural keg, free samples were handed out to the three patrons lounging around the bar. “It tasted kind of like Miller Genuine Draft,” patron Jack Fleming absentmindedly said as he stared at the bar’s lone TV. “It’s ok, I guess.” 

Applebee’s is expected to offer Hardywood Singel until the faceless food conglomerate finds something else it believes will make its food palatable to anyone under 60.

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