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Gyarados, Rare Pokémon Species, Terrorizing Chesapeake Bay

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. – It’s been reported that a legendary Gyarados, which is a dragon-like fish breed of wild Pokémon, has been spotted attacking beach goers throughout the Northern Neck and Eastern Shore last weekend.

The attacks began earlier this week off the shores of Deltaville, when a vacationing family from Charlottesville notified authorities of a vicious, dragon-like beast in the bay waters. According to their accounts, the large Pokémon was causing extremely treacherous conditions along the shore.

“This wasn’t just a splash created by some common fish,” claimed Renee Jameson, who witnessed the chaos. “This beast meant business.”

Other reports indicated that the Gyarados, which was estimated to be nearly 24 feet in length, was spewing fire in a fit of what has been described as “dragon rage.” Thankfully, there here have been no confirmed casualties as of yet, but seven victims are currently being treated for severe bites at local hospitals.

Authorities have not yet decided on an efficient way to stop the creature. One ichthyologist has suggested a counter attack involving electricity; another has recommended creating a rock slide to trap & inflict fatal damage on the menacing beast.

The Peedmont will remain onsite providing updates on the ongoing situation.

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