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Wakefield: Expect Approximately 39 Minutes of Spring Between Winter and Summer Sometime Around April 12

WAKEFIELD, Va.The National Weather Service in Wakefield announced today that the 2018 spring season will officially begin and end sometime around April 12 and span a total of length of 39 minutes. “We’re predicting less than an hour of spring weather, sometime towards the end of next week,” senior meteorologist Lisa Wagner confirmed in an official statement, adding that the forecasted time for the spring season fell in the late afternoon hours on the April date. “We may be off by a couple of hours, but we’re pretty confident that, on a state level, we’ll get our beloved picnic weather and t-shirt temperatures this coming Thursday around, say, 3:30 p.m., before plunging into the brutal summer season.” She concluded her statement by indicating that the possibility for a spontaneous 40 degree day toward the end of April had not been ruled out, as “this particular winter just will not die.”


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