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“Shit’s Lit at Social 52!” Tweet Results in Immediate Evacuation, Fire Department Called

RICHMOND, Va. — Last night at 11:32 emergency response teams arrived at Fan watering hole Social 52 in response to what they feared was the latest in the recent chain of Richmond restaurant grease fires. What they discovered, however, when they swung open the door with hoses in hand was a completely empty bar and no fire in sight.

The entire premises had been evacuated after an inflammatory tweet sent waves of fear through the establishment, bringing what should have been a fun Saturday night to an abrupt end.

“I just wanted to let the whole city know how much fun everyone seemed to be having here,” Emily Reynolds, author of the panic-inducing tweet, said as she sat in the back of an ambulance, wrapped in a blanket for absolutely no reason.

“At the time I didn’t see the harm, but in retrospect I should have been more cautious.”

The tweet Reynolds shared to all of her followers and that sent patrons running for the doors as staff summoned the fire department read:


The tweet spread through Twitter and Social 52 customers like wildfire as many assumed from its language that someone outside the establishment was witnessing a blaze.

“I was like, no, I gotta get out of here. I don’t want to get lit!” bar patron Brian Fennel recalled of his immediate reaction to the tweet. Others said they had similar freakouts when the tweet was DMed to them by concerned friends who knew their evening plans.

“Obviously there was no actual fire,” bar manager Thomas Lawson commented. “But it’s wonderful to know that in the case of an actual emergency social media can get the message out quickly and effectively. Especially because I’m not sure our fire alarm works.”

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