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Ashland Resident Suggests Getting Computer Repaired at Circuit City

ASHLAND, Va. — In the aftermath of a software malfunction on her personal computer, Ashland resident Ethel Newton announced plans today to take the failing device to a nearby Circuit City for repairs.

Newton, 71, explained that her home computer, which has been running Windows 98 for 17 years, began having issues over the weekend.

“I hit the power button like I always do, but it didn’t turn on this time for some reason,” Newton said, claiming that the computer also failed to make the normal “clicky machine noises” it usually makes upon startup. “It’s never done this before.”

The problem was verified as being related solely to the computer after Newton unplugged the device, slapped the console with her bedroom slipper, and re-flipped the electrical breakers to the house.

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“I was all out ideas,” she said solemnly.

After realizing that her son, whom she called “good with gadgets,” wouldn’t be available anytime soon to attempt to fix the problem, Newton decided to take the computer to the nearest Circuit City with the hope that their tech support team could fix the issue.

“Circuit City had some very good customer service the last time I went,” Newton stated. “I went there once to buy an album by a band named ‘Blink One Hundred’ or something for my grandson years ago, and they helped me find what I was looking for. I can’t remember if I got the computer from there, but hopefully they can do something about it.”

Newton planned to deliver the computer to Circuit City this Thursday after her Rotary Club meeting at the local community center.

She went on to say that if Circuit City was too busy that day, she could go to either Radioshack or CompUSA as backup stores, but that if Circuit City was available, she’d return later with her 1997 Sony Walkman ll, since it started making a humming noise last week.


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