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Paramedics Called to Shockoe Atelier After Area Dad Sees Price Tag on Jeans

RICHMOND, Va. Paramedics were dispatched to a local upscale clothing store Thursday after a customer reported chest pains, according to sources. Allen Markel, 54, was visiting Shockoe Atelier with his son, VCU senior Ryland Markel, and his wife, Terri Grace Markel, when he began to feel a sharp discomfort in his chest, as well as shortness of breath.

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Markel claims that the symptoms began after seeing the price of a pair of jeans that his son was interested in purchasing.

“We were enjoying a nice time downtown with our son when my wife told Ryland that he needed a new pair of jeans, since the pair he had on had a few holes,” Markel said of the afternoon.

“After walking over to this fancy little store with a few racks of blue jeans hanging on industrial piping and such, Ryland picked a pair to try on. When I saw the price of those trousers, that’s when I started feeling a little dizzy. I mean, my god, I could have bought an entire patio set for the price of one pair of pants.”

Ambulances were dispatched to the scene, where paramedics found Markel recovering from the incident after his son assured him that he would be just as happy with a pair of jeans from T.J.Maxx. Markel made a full recovery, just in time for paramedics to be sent up the street to Urban Farmhouse, where a local woman was having similar symptoms after receiving the bill for her spinach salad and dirty chai latte.

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