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Spanberger Campaign Uncovers Brat’s History of Teaching at White Privilege High

GLEN ALLEN, Va. — In an explosive new television ad that began airing yesterday in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, the campaign of Abigail Spanberger claims to have evidence showing her opponent, Dave Brat, was once a part-time teacher at White Privilege High School, a private secondary school located near the Dixie Country Club on the shores of Lake Segregation just north of Richmond.

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The ad claims from 2002 to 2006, Brat was on the institution’s payroll as the instructor for a class listed as Suburban Economic Advantages and Challenges. The ad goes on to state that the class was designed to teach Caucasian students how to best utilize the most fortunate position they found themselves in at the time of their births: being white in suburban Virginia.

The commercial quotes Chesterfield businessman Franklyn Houndstooth III, who the ad claims was a student of Brat’s in 2004.

“Mr. Brat taught me so much about how to utilize what I had,” Houndstooth said. “At 15, all I had was three rental properties, a used 60-foot yacht, and a meager allowance of just $100 a day. With what I learned from Mr. Brat and the money my father loaned me, like his father had loaned to him and his father before that, I was able to retire at 35 while paying little to no taxes.”

In a phone call with The Peedmont, Brat did not deny the ad’s allegation and responded saying, “So what? I taught at a school with privileged youths, helping them utilize the head start they have in life to achieve their dreams. It’s still better than Spanberger teaching at Terrorist High, or whatever we called it in our ad, right?”

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