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University of Richmond Graduate Shocked to Find Out That VMFA Happy Hour Has Art

RICHMOND, Va. — A University of Richmond graduate, Bobby Huntington, has just realized that the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) has more than just a happy hour, but that it also displays art.

Huntington, a Connecticut native, graduated from U of R in the spring and found a job in the area shortly after. He reported that he has been going to the Friday afternoon happy hour every week since his sophomore year but never knew what exactly the VMFA was. “Then last Friday, one of my buddies suggested going up to look at the Ancient American Art Gallery when happy hour was over,” Huntington recalled. “I thought he was talking about something at the Harnett Museum. I didn’t even know there were art galleries in Richmond outside of U of R.”

Though he noticed the sculptures on the lawn outside, Huntington reported he had assumed they were just there to attract happy hour patrons.

The VMFA is Virginia’s renowned art gallery, with 15 permanent collections and multiple rotating exhibits. Every Friday, the museum’s Best Café sells discounted beer and wine.

When asked about how this discovery will affect him, Huntington said, “The thought of looking at the art is nice, but the bottles of wine are, like, eighteen bucks. I’m usually too drunk when I leave to do anything else.”

1 Comment on University of Richmond Graduate Shocked to Find Out That VMFA Happy Hour Has Art

  1. Love it! Forwarded it on to 2 u of r grads 🙂


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